Monday, February 23, 2009

As I sit here at home,I have been reflecting on the past 8 months with Anthony..I hear people say to John and I he wouldn't of made it without us..But I wish I had said to them..NO without our Prayers and God's Hand on his life he wouldn't be here. There have been hours and hours of praying and asking God to heal him,Many tears as we didn't know if he would make it through a night or a procedure.
God is so awesome when I think of Anthony..He has brought this baby here on this earth to show us that he is going to make it.He is a true fighter..God has a plan for this amazing baby.
We have to look forward to this year of adopting and his transplant in 2009.I am so scared for his transplant.What mom wants to see there baby boy go through pain and suffering and I pray that Anthony will just show us all that God Has his hand on his life.
Thank you God for being with us and with Anthony and I can't wait to see What God has in store for this precious baby!!!

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