Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He is still here

This past Weekend I went on a youth retreat and on the last day one of the youth who is 12 years old said the following, "People when they think of religion they think of something that is boring, that God is still not performing the miracles he used to do, but this weekend has showed me that God is still performing miracles, raising the dead and healing the Sick, he is an awesome God and this weekend has showed me that", that statement by someone who has seen and knows about the miracles that God can and will do in this day and age, and really has gotten me thinking about the miracles that are around me everyday of my life.

As I have reflected, I could not help but thank God for what he has done in Anthony's life, by bringing my parents to him and showing us that we were to take care of him no matter what his health issues are, we don't know what God's plans are for his life, but time after time we have seen God perform miracles in this baby's life, we have heard the stories from the nurses telling us how sick he was when he first came to the hospital, we have heard and seen how small he was, we have cried many tears over this baby, cried out to God to heal him, and through it all he has drawn my parents and me closer to him. God has a will and a plan Anthony and I can not being to describe what this past 8 months have been like but one thing: God has surrounded us with miracle after miracle.... this past 8 months of being able to to know Anthony has shown me at the age of 20, to fully trust God and to know that he has a will for everyone on this earth, to believe that God is still performing miracles and that when transplant time comes God's hand will be on Anthony, to know that he will in the end no matter what happens with him to know that,

God is still here and has and will continue to perform a miracles

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