Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anthony is coming home Monday!!!

I honestly miss Anthony so much!! but I am so excited that he is coming home on Monday!!! hopefully the plan does not change! he is such a sweet 13 month old.. and not having him at home, our house is not complete....

This past week my parents have been working hard on getting the adoption process finalized before Transplant.. this week that plan was not working so well, we went though barriers but by advocating and speaking out to the different Social workers, agencies directors, and the many other people who are involved in Anthony's life...all we need is our home study done..and then our state social worker has all the paper work done to finalize the Adoption!! we will be adopting Anthony over the phone, since our Lawyer is on the other side of Washington...

Last Thursday I went to a concert and heard this song By Addison Road, and it touched I thought that I would share it..

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  1. Hang in there!!! I was adopted.... you are going to be such
    a blessing to this child.