Thursday, April 30, 2009

Legally Free

So Anthony is Legally Free to be adopted by us..Praise Jesus
We should be going home on Saturday if all of his cultures stay negative...Praise
Anthonys Intake for transplant is scheduled for June 2nd but we are hoping and praying that he is adopted or we know a adoption date soon so we can Move that date Earlier.
The last couple of days Anthony has been real fidgety and its most likely due to the Steroids he has been on....Today he decided he also wanted to be Superman and fly out of his crib so we are setting all bars UP High so no more accidents..Let me tell you I was sure scared...Pray he sleeps tonight and all is good.We did do a cat-scan and he is fine and no broken skull...God IS GOOD and I have been praising him since I heard he was ok...
I thank him everyday for this Little miracle he put in our lives 10.5 months ago and can't even imagine my life without him...


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