Monday, April 6, 2009

Big Brother Charlie,Mommy and Anthony Cuddle time
Happy Boy with his Best BigSissy Lindsay!!!!

Today has been a busy day...
We are checking Anthony's tempature every time we get and it has been being just fine since this morning.
We went and signed and approved our home study and it was Faxed to his Social worker today and it could be about 3-6 weeks and he will be officially Anthony Wesley or as John and Lindsay call him A&W...
Oh how exciting it will be to be his Forever Mommy!!!!Please pray for his Birth mom this week as she is signing her rights away.
Please keep praying that he doesn't get a tempature.The last thing we want is him in the hospital...


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  1. Oh Anthony!
    you are a joy!! and I cant wait for mom and dad to adopt you!!! I pray for your birth mom this week that God cant protect her and do a miraculous healing in her body.. as she has become family to us..and we are forever thankful for her.. she loves you A-man and never forget that!!

    But never forget that we love you to!!