Sunday, May 17, 2009

As I sit here Anthony has been a James for almost 3 days.I get up alot during the night and just make sure he is ok and give him his pacifier and I do alot of my thinking during the night.I can't imagine our life's without Anthony..What was our life's like without him, where would he be if I hadn't of been stern and told Julia that we wanted Anthony that he was the one God wanted us to take in our home almost a year ago...Wow we could of had another healthy baby and not have to worry about fever's, HLH or why hes not acting like Anthony or even be going throught this transplant with him but this was all in God's plan for us to take him and adopt him and love him.
I guess I am rambling because now as his Mom,we are facing the most scariest few months with transplant,if I told you I wasn't scared to watch him go thru literally a week of Harsh and terrible chemical's going through his little body and watching his beautiful blond hair falling out,throwing up and just feeling very sick doesn't make me mad and scared I would be lieing.Please pray for us as we start this journey on Thursday at 9:00am.Please put us on your church prayer lists.We are going to need all the prayers and upliftings.Everyone ask what they can do..WELL PRAY with us.Pray for our 3 children at home that we can meet all their needs as well.My mom is going to be with us from this week until we can bring Anthony home from transplant.Which I can't even thank her enough for.Lindsay is going to be helping also but she also is doing summer school at the UW so please pray she can balance everything.Pray I can find some fun things for the boys to do that aren't pricey that my mom can do with them this summer.
Pray for our family as we are also starting the adoption process with Mr.Feisty our 3 year old foster son during this time also...

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