Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank you!

Last June we walked into Children's Hospital to see a baby that we heard needed a home, he had been sitting in the hospital for 2 months all by himself,

Except I would be not be telling the whole true, if I told you he was sitting all by himself! That whole two months there were many different nurses who took care of Anthony, saw him in the ER, saw him in NICU, and the ones that we know best the amazing nurses from SCCA.. Although he didn't have a foster family to take care of him he had amazing nurses watching out for him..

The first day that we met bony tony as some of the nurses call him, his drawers were some how mysteriously filled to the brim with clothes, blankets and his crib surrounded with stuffed animals, which we later found out some of the doctors had been looking for and were taken from the Surgery room.

Anthony was their baby, in fact when we got there they would not allow us to take him off of the floor because he was "their baby".. as time went on and many more hospital stays, the nurses came around and have built relationships and sometimes they are the only ones helping us to be sane sitting in the hospital room 24/7.. we run into them intohe hall way during clinic or during our many stays and we hear "Is that Anthony? I saw him when...." and say when they met him..

All this to say, Thank you!! for doing your Job and for going above and beyond for little Anthony!! we can never repay you and thank you for what all you have done for Anthony!!


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