Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was a day of meeting with the pharmacist to find out the chemo regiman that should start on June 8th,Anthony enter the hospital June 7th to start a anti-Seizure medicine.
We then had our meeting with the transplant doctors and alot of questions were answered.I asked what Anthony's chances were to make it through transplant and it's about 60% which is better than we thought.There are so many complications and I was almost in tears as she told us everything but if he doesn't have this transplant he will most certainly die.I want to give my sweet baby a chance and I know God has a plan for Anthony.I came home and just held him and prayed over him.Will you please pray that Anthony can stay out of the hospital until June 7th so that we can be with him all as a family.
We usually get to take Anthony to church but the risk of infection and if he got an infection would delay his transplant so we are referring to him as our little bubble boy.Please pray that he doesn't catch anything while we are going to different appointments.

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