Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are home and its GREAT GREAT To be home...I think Anthony is loving his freedom from 24/7 tubing...Its going to be 9 days of antibiotics but once we get on a decent schedule then I won't be up all night.
Our Case Manager from our agency came by yesterday and John,Lindsay and I are being honored as Foster Parents of the Year for them on April 19th at a luncheon.How exciting is that.We get honored for something that God called us to do as a family.
We are hoping to hear from Adoption support soon,Jackie our caseworker emailed me and talked to the Head of Adoption support and they are going to expedite his case.
We got the packet about transplant and reading this really scares me especially when on the top is a Will and Testament and Resuscitate form.I have to admit the closer it gets I am getting scared for my baby boy that we love so much.
Please pray for us that we can be together and not in the hospital the next few weeks and no hospitalizations for Anthony.Please pray for our 3 year old Foster son who has been on a hunger strike and really if he doesn't start eating will probably have to get a Feeding tube in.


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  1. Congrats on the award. That's cool! And I hope mr anthony starts eating soon. Katelynn has some pretty intense eating issues, but we've never got to the point of a feeding tube. Scary!