Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Fly Birdy Fly"

(Picture is not that good, it is from my cellphone)

Tonight I was sitting in my bedroom writing a paper for my English Final.. I started to hear this loud noise in the bush's, I could not figure it out. It sounded like flapping of winds. it was running into my window. I finally got up and I saw this baby bird sitting on the ground Scared. it would not move for nearly an hour.

Me being me I took a picture of it, called my mom and told her the bird was stuck. she told me to let nature take its course. so I sat at the window telling to bird to fight and not give up...

About 45 minutes the bird finally moved from its stationary position and started to try and escape my basement window. he just couldn't figure out and started to rest.. I went to my window and said "Birdy, don't give up you can fight the fight like Anthony and Karleigh, don't give up"..

within 2 minutes the bird flew onto the ledge and was out of its trap.

The bird did not give up, it was free.

I don't know why, but today is a hard day because Anthony was supposed to be at Children's right now preparing for his transplant. but he is not... he is at home and I am so thankful for this extra time we get before entering the hospital with Anthony..

but sometimes I feel like that baby bird..

I just want to sit there and not move.. , .

But just like that baby bird made it out of my window in the end, We can make it through this upcoming transplant.. no matter what the outcome is in the end.. it is a struggle of continual trust.. of hoping and praying for the unknown of what is to come.

This life is a constant battle, there are bumps in the road sometimes are easier than other but it is the constant hope of knowing that their is a loving God who will never leave us nor forsake us.

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  1. Powerful post... thank you for sharing your journey here.
    Praying for you...