Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last night I tossed and turned, prayed,cried all for a little girl that at 6 weeks was diagnosed with HLH in September,Had had transplant in January and today her Mommy and Daddy and big sisters are having to watch her go into the arms of Jesus.Sweet Karleigh I have never met you except through your mommy's writings but you have touched me and I pray you will watch over your mommmy and daddy through the next weeks.You were such a Fighter and I want to say thank you Karleigh for touching me and my family!!!

Today was suppose to be the day Anthony's suppose to enter the hospital for his transplant,Please pray that he will get Influenza A and Rhinovirus Free SOON! So he can have his transplant Soon.As his mom I pray for him and ask strangers to pray for him.I am afraid if we don't get the transplant soon we will have to wait until next spring again.Please pray that Anthony can get well soon so he can get his transplant.


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