Sunday, July 5, 2009

24 Hour Prayer for Anthony

During Anthony's Transplant conditioning,Who will give an hour to pray for Anthony??

On July 12th Anthony's conditioning will begin and it will be a week of VERY Harsh chemotherapy.Will you please take a hour and pray for Anthony and our family?

Please Pray for:
-Anthony as he gets through the chemotherapy
-Pray for Rest for John and I as we are caring for him,
-Pray for our Charlie,Lindsay and my mom Debbie as they are home.
-Pray for the all the doctors,Nurses and everyone at Seattle Childrens taking care of Anthony!

If you would like to take an hour Please let me know...We have an amazing God who can do anything..Will you please pray with us...We are asking you to please pass this on to all your friends and family's,Church groups.


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