Friday, July 31, 2009

Day +8

Anthony has been doing alot better being on the lower dose of his pain medicine.
The boys and I went to see him and John today.Its great to see him just give us a little smile.I think it was hard for Charlie seeing him with no hair but we explained it would grow back.I don't think they understand quite how sick Anthony is doing.
He has a rash from the Bulsulfan on his forearms and on his belly down to his legs.Anthony is still tolerating the Benedryl which is good.He is still sleeping alot but is able to play for a little bit.
His Counts are still at 0 but we pray they start climbing soon.
We continue to ask for prayer for Anthonys pain,Itchiness and general comfort for him.
We ask that you pray for our family as we go through this.
God is Good and has shown us his mercy and love.
Anthony got to see our friend Becky and Anthony wants to say thank you for coming and holding him and giving him the cutest stuffed animal.


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