Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well this week is what we as Anthony's parents and family have been waiting for over a Year.We knew going into Conditioning and transplant that it was going to be a long week.Well after 2 delays because of sickness we finally are at our day of rest for him.He will receive some blood his hematocrits were at 27 which is good but it may help him feel better if it is higher.
He had a ok night,he is still feeling the side effects of the ATG and his last dose of cytoxan.He is finally sleeping and Please pray that he can truly have a day of rest after the blood transfusion.
As Anthony's mom I go into tomorrow knowing that we have a long road ahead but I also know that we have an amazing God that can touch him and heal him of this disease.I know that Anthony has been a true fighter and God must have an amazing plan for him.
Will you join with us and pray that his transplant will amaze the doctors and will engraft very soon so he can be a normal little boy.That he can chase his big brothers and sister around.


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  1. I wanted to let you know I'm praying for your little guy. He is just adorable! I have an 18 month old adopted son and 20 month old bio daughter. I get panicked if they even sneeze! I can't imagine being in your position. We have had some problems with our sons lungs. He was born premature and they are underdeveloped. Hospitals and illnesses are so difficult. I pray things will go smoothly and that the Lord will guide the surgeons hands.