Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day +12

Anthony and John had a pretty hard night last night and this morning.
The doctors aren't sure what is going on with him so he is got a ultrasound of his neck and liver to make sure their isn't any blood clots.
They think he may have VOD of the liver and the start of GVHD.
Please pray they can do the ultrasound in his room as he is on oxygen all the time now for his heart rate dropping and I would have the help of the nurses.
Anthony's #s continue to climb:
White Blood Count is 2400
Nucleated Red cells dropped to 2
Absolute Neutrophil CT Cal is 1320
They say these #'s can go up and down but he is considered En grafted if his ANC # is above 500 for 3 days in a row.
Please pray that the doctors can figure out why he retaining the water
Please pray that Anthony will pee.
Pray for sleep and that he is comfortable tonight.
The doctors are amazed that he is starting to en graft already...But I am not..There are alot of people praying for him and for that I want to say Thank you again...


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