Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day + 19

Anthony seems to be turning the corner from being a very sick baby to starting to feel better.I walk in my son has skinny hands and feet, His rash is peeling away and he's starting to look like Anthony.
He still has a puffy face but he looks so much better than he did when I left on Saturday.He is playing and trying to eat all his tubes and just acting a little more happier.
They are slowly turning down his Dilaudid,Turning up his feeds every 12 hours by 2 ML,he is also getting some medicines by mouth which is good.
His numbers went up
Platelets- 16000
White blood count- 3500
ANC- 2590.
So with all his Numbers going up on themselves that means he is truly en grafting without any medicine to help him.

Please continue to pray for the puffiness
Pray that his pain is controlled as they are turning down his medicine.
Pray for sleep so he can heal.
Pray for his blood pressure that is still a issue.
Pray for his counts to continue to grow all by themselves.


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