Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day +24

Anthony slept last night so that is a good thing.
When I went to see him today he was happy. John says he has been a little fussy.
We will find out about his skin biopsy tomorrow.
Anthony will have a endoscopy and Colonoscopy one day this week.He is also going to have a bone marrow Aspiration.
Please pray for Anthony to stay comfortable and get sleep tonight.
Pray for all his procedures to go smoothly and safely.
Pray for Pain control and sleep for John also as he is up there until Tuesday.
Pray for the doctors and nurses that take care of our sweet baby.
Anthony's friend that was sick last week came by and her Fever Broke so Thank you for all your prayers for her.
Also one of his friends in there went home and the doctors Canceled the last session of Chemotherapy because she is NOW cancer free..Thank you Jesus.


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