Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today has been a day of trial and error..We gave Anthony a bolus of pain medicine and it didn't really effect him.I really think he is frustrated at how the steroids are making him feel.So when our new nurse that we have had before came,I told her I didn't think his agitation was due to pain..She called the doctors and they upped his Ativan and I really think that is working.

For the most part we have good nurses that take care of Anthony and we have been pleased but then we get Floating Nurses that have NEVER had Anthony and are trying to do there own thing and that is the most frustrating part of being here.I really think they should listen to parents and some nurses think they know whats best for our child.

He has been sleeping not quite restlessly but hes resting and will wake up and then go to sleep.

Please pray for his

*Pain Control
To all be under control so he can get a good night sleep.
Pray for us to say something if we see that something is not right for him.

We have been here just a little over a month and I think living here is just life for us.We are doing out best to alternate so we don't get burnt out being here.
Pray for our family as we go through this and Thank you again for praying for us and Anthony.


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