Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anthony is still stable,Lindsay wanted to stay with him so I could come home and pack my clothes,See the boys and rest.I think today has been a bit draining for us all and I can't even say how much I Love my daughter for being such a trooper and helping us out.

Please pray for Anthony that he will stay stabilized and get better so he can get back to familiar doctors and nurses.
Pray that we can figure out what the sensitivity are to this blood infection so they can get him on the right medicines.
Pray for rest for all of us.
I saw alot of angels today and very thankful that they helped save our son.I have never been so scared and can't even say enough Thank You to them for saving him.I am thankful that my gut reaction last night was to take him in when the Doctors were like don't hurry in.
Thank you for all your prayers today.


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