Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day + 51

I can't believe we have been in the hospital for 76 days and Anthony is really doing so well.
We are headed home tomorrow for the 2nd time and we plan on staying out.He has an appointment on Monday morning at clinic.He will have 2-3 appointments a week for awhile.
We are hoping that after the Week of studies and etc that Anthony will be able to go back to Dr.Thomson at Children's Hospital very close to his Day 100 mark.
His GVHD of the skin is doing good and we aren't sure about the GVHD of the Gut but it all seems stable.
Please Pray
Anthony's cells start growing
That Anthony will start eating more and more by mouth.
That his magnesium will stabilize so he won't need IV or will be able to take by mouth.
Pray for John and I as we are now responsible for getting up and doing all his medicines.Pray for rest for us all
Please pray for all the HLH babies in hospitals around the world..There are so many and through this journey we have met so many.Pray that someone will find a cure for this disease.
We know we still have a long road but this is what we chose 14 months ago with Anthony and we wouldn't change a day or minute of it.


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