Friday, September 18, 2009

Day + 57

We went to clinic and had labs today and everything looks good.His Hemacrits are low so he will be getting some Red Blood cells on Monday so another long day at the clinic.
Anthony is adjusting and doing great at home.
His New PICC is in the upper part of his arm so we are hoping that it will stay in longer and the nurse today said the doctor put in some extra stitches so a very busy 18 month won't pull his line anytime soon.
Anthony is getting a longer IV infusion at night because we added the Potassium to it and he was pooping out so much with the Oral Potassium.
Please pray for Anthony's hematocrits to rise before Monday so we don't have to have another infusion.
Pray for his Cells and Platelets to keep rising and Anthony to stay En Grafted
Pray for his GVHD of the Gut and skin to clear up so he can get off the immunosuppresent drugs.


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