Monday, October 12, 2009

Day +81 and +82

Anthony had a Dr's appointment today and IVIG for 4 hours today.
Anthony has been throwing up today and now he has diarrhea but no temperature.They did Blood cultures today to make sure he isn't getting another blood infection.
Please pray he starts feeling better and that this was just a small bug so we can get all that needs to be done so we can get back to Seattle Children's.
The doctors are talking about getting him off all his GVHD and maybe putting in a Port for Lab draws.
Anthony having a PICC isn't very good after transplant because he is going to keep getting infections.
Anthony is down to 12 medicines now and pretty soon down to 10 in about 2 weeks if he stays healthy and no infections.
Please pray for NO infections and whatever this was will just pass and no hospitalizations.

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