Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day +85 and Day 86

Anthony is in the hospital,We went to Clinic yesterday because he was having massive diarrhea and then he was taken by ambulance to Children's.The doctors are thinking it is his GVHD of his gut acting out.Anthony has a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy tomorrow at about Noon.
We got some good news from the doctors today...
Anthony's skin biopsy showed only a Slight chance he still has Skin GVHD and that he is 100% En Grafted and that All 3 components Red Blood Cells,White Blood Cells and Platelets are Growing and that they are baby cells but they are all Growing.
Please Pray for Anthony as he has surgery tomorrow.
Pray that the Diarrhea will end and that he can have food soon and that we don't have to start him on a Higher dose of Steroids.
Pray we can get out of the hospital Soon.
Pray for Healing of his Gut and that the GVHD will be minimal in his gut.
Pray he starts peeing as he is really puffy from all the fluids.
We as a family have alot going on and the last place any of us want to be is in the hospital.But we also want a healthy boy.


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