Friday, October 23, 2009

Day +94

Anthony is going to be starting feeds at 5 mls an hour..Its not alot but they want to make sure his body doesn't start having diarrhea and can handle feeds again.
A GVHD Specialist came and looked at Anthony and has also said to wean him off one of his Medicines to once a day.
Please pray that Anthony will be able to handle the feeds and not have excessive diarrhea.
Pray for Anthony's spirit and his sanity as he sits in a hospital room.
Pray that we can go home soon but only when he is healthy enough to go home and stay home for a long time.
Please also pray for no blood infections as that would extend our hospital stay.
Please pray that Anthony doesn't come down with the Swine flu as some of the kids on the floor we are on have it.

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