Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day +98 and Day +99

Anthony is still on NPO and is stooling has slowed down.
He is having alot of stomach cramping from the GVHD.
Anthony's NK Functional test to see if his new cells are working came back and it is all normal and all his new cells are 100% working and he is defiantly en grafted.
On another note we are going to start treating his Clots that are in his clavicle area so that he can keep his current PICC Line.We will learn how to give him lovenox 2 times a day.
Please Pray for his gut to get the rest it needs.Pray that when we start up feeds that his gut will be ok and no bad reactions and no increased stooling.
Pray for his cramping that it will subside and that he can get the sleep he needs.
Pray for John and I as we get to learn to give lovenox so we can go home.
Please pray that Home is very soon.It so hard not being home with our other kids together and I miss them every day.


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  1. Anthony was the best little boy ever yesterday. He took a couple of naps in my lap and played quietly the rest of the time... He's a so cute!

    And the best part of his day was seeing his sister walk through the door... his face just lit up :-)

    I'm praying for him... God Bless.