Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anthony is having surgery on Wednesday to have his PICC Line and since we aren't trying to save the PICC Line he is only on 1 antibiotic so we should be able to come home Wednesday after surgery or Thursday sometime.
He will be on antibiotics until December 17th.
We are really excited to bring him home.He is missing his family and his freedom and crawling time.
We have been blessed with some great nurses that know that Anthony is going stir crazy so they have all pitched in and taken him on lots of walks since he is still on contact isolation.
Will you please pray for our friend Ashley as she is very sick and if this round of chemotherapy doesn't work than there is only 1 more option before her family takes her home to be comfortable and Die...This isn't what we want for this sweet girl...Will you please pray that the cancer is GONE so that she can have her lifesaving Bone Marrow Transplant.No child should have to go through this.As her mother and I cried all I could think of was that she is so young and has so much to live for.Pray she beats this.
Pray that Anthony's cultures stay negative.
Pray for the surgeons on Wednesday that there isn't any complication.
Pray for Anthony's mental health as he gets so bored.


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