Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anthony had clinic today and all was good except for his Liver is up to 600 which is almost double of what it was 2 weeks ago.So the doctors are thinking of 3 things it could be 1. HLH is back but very doubtful due to he was HLH free back in October,2. GVHD of his Liver 3. it could be his liver acting out due to all his medicines he is on and all the new GVHD meds he is on.
So we ask for special prayer for Anthony this coming week that his Liver will calm down or we will be going in for a liver Biopsy and that means a couple days in the hospital.
He really is doing great other than his liver functions.

We started the Potassium on Sunday and as of today is doing ok and no Diarrhea so far.
We will try the magnesium in about a month if all goes well with the potassium.

Please pray that
Anthony's liver will calm down and we don't have a overnight for a biopsy soon and that his #'s come down by next Wednesday.
Pray that he will be able to still take his potassium and be able to handle it.This is one more step to getting his PICC line out.Which would be ideal for no infections and less hospital stays.
Pray for him to just stay healthy.He is blossoming and doing so great out of the hospital.

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