Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anthony had clinic today and is doing good.He has been a bit grumpy the last few nights and we think its to the high level of Steroids he is getting grumpy and not sleeping so well.
We are trying taking out the Potassium in his fluids and he is going to be taking them by mouth.
We are hoping and praying that he will eventually going to get him off his nightly fluids and eventually get his PICC line out. SO NO MORE LINE INFECTIONS.
On a hopeful note we saw Ashley today and the Doctors have given her 2 months but she says she is going to live longer than 2 months.So I Hold on to her words and ask you to still pray for her and her family.She is going to Disneyland so pray that she can have a a great time.
Please pray that Anthony can tolerate his Potassium by mouth and no Diarrhea and pray for sleep for Anthony as it is tiring not getting any sleep.

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