Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anthony had a good clinic visit...His Liver function test went down to 386 from over 600 last week. So no talk of any liver Biopsy.
We are going to try this week to try no Magnesium.We go in for some extra labs but if he can maintain his Magnesium then he might be able to get his PICC line out in a couple of weeks.
His blood pressures are coming down and we think its due to him tapering off his steroids.
Overall the doctors say he is doing good.
Please pray for his Liver Function to go back to normal.
Pray that his Magnesium will not drop and he will be able to stay off his fluids so that he can get his PICC Line..
Pray that he will start eating,He is just not interested in food at all.
Thanks for praying for our sweet boy.

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