Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anthony only had labs this week as we all had a very bad Flu bug and they didn't want him to be seen.The funny part is Mr.Anthony didn't get the flu that we knew of.So that is a good thing.
We have been battling a rash on his bottom but I think it is finally healing.
His labs were good and his Liver count came down a little so that is good.He is still enjoying no nightly fluids.
Please pray that his GVHD will stabilize and he will really feel like eating food.So he doesn't have the feeding tube anymore.He loves to eat the salt off of th foods but then he spits it out.
Pray for his Liver function to come down even more.
We are gearing up for Mr.Anthony's 2nd Birthday and can't wait. What a year it has been.He was so tiny last year,He wasn't adopted yet and we were preparing for this,and he still had HLH but thanks to our amazing Donor...He is HLH FREE and really doing amazing the doctors say.
He is talking his newest words are Darn it, burp,Lindsay,Charlie,Ba ba ....
I am so thankful for all of you that have been faithful Prayer Warriors for our sweet Baby Boy through out the past 8 months and I ask you to continue to pray for Anthony.

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