Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anthony had clinic today and his ocunts are good.He will have clinc again in 2 weeks but due to some of his GVHD Medicines he will still need weekly labs.
His Liver function test are coming down.
Please continue to pray that we can figure out how to get him to eat food.He will taste some but spits it out.
Pray for sleep at night and taking a nap during the day.He gets real fussy and just doesnt want to sleep.We all think its due to the steroids he is on..
Continue to pray for his GVHD of his gut that it would stay under control
Anthony keeps getting rashes on his bottom ,He was on fluconazole but it isn't the best medicine for his liver so the doctors took him off.But ever since we have had lots and lots of diaper rashes.He is on antibiotics every day so pray his bottom can stay clear.This causes him lots and lots of pain.
Thanks so much for praying for our miracle baby..

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