Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anthony is home!!!Which is a literal Miracle!!
Anthony's Electrolytes were off and the Dr's were going to keep Anthony overnight.So I prayed that somehow we could go home...Well his regular Doctor from Hem/OC clinic came over to rounds and kind of said that she was going to be on and if we bring him in for labs he should be OK to come home.
So after 3 hours of IVIG and 1 catheter to catch a clean catch of urine then we got to come home at 5:30 tonight.
Please pray that Anthony will do good on his feeds going up slowly at home and that he doesn't get any more diarrhea.
Pray that Anthony electrolytes stabilize.So that he doesn't have to stay on the Oral Potassium and he doesn't need IV Magnesium this week.
Pray for John as I am having a minor surgery and he will be taking care of all 3 boys the next couple days.And Anthony is a handful in its self.

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