Friday, March 12, 2010

Anthony started throwing up and having very loose and watery stools, So finally after the 3rd call into the Hem/Oc Clinic they told me to bring him in.Well we aren't sure what is going on if its something viral or if he has a blood infection or his GVHD is flaring up again.His WBC was up to 22,000 so that was showing some kind of infection of some sort.So he is on 2 antibiotics and seems to be feeling better.The doctors said if his blood cultures come back negative we may get to come home on Monday.
Please pray his cultures stay negative.
And that this is some kind of stomach virus.
Pray that this isn't his GVHD flaring because we would have to try and get a line in him and he has clots.
He is having to be poked about 2 times a day.Pray they can get the blood they need on the first draw..I hate seeing him being poked and stressed so much.
Please pray he just starts feeling better.

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