Sunday, March 28, 2010

I think the doctors are finally doing something for Anthony.We are starting all over treating his GVHD so now he is on Methopredisone IV and Tacrolimus IV to try and get his GVHD under control.Anthony will be having a Endoscope early this week to make sure it's GVHD that is making him so sick.
We are now on Predisone for the next 9 months.
We are just grateful that something is finally getting done to help Anthony start feeling better.
Please pray that Anthony will start feeling better soon.
Pray that the GVHD medicines will let him start feeling better so he will stop throwing up and Stooling so much.
Pray for Sleep for whoever is with Anthony as IV Predisone and Anthony don't get along.
We are looking at 2-6 weeks in the hospital..Pray that we can get home sooner for the sake of Anthony's mental health.

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