Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anthony is doing a little better.His feeds are up to 40 mls with minimal vomiting.He is on antibiotics for the C-diff.
He seems to be doing better.We are going to try and get him up to his goal of 45 mls feeds on Thursday.
Anthony is in baby depression because he can't go out of his room with C-diff.I know alot of you are saying how we know but we know when our baby just looks out of his room and looks so sad.
Please pray that he will be able to tolerate his feeds at his now and his goal rate.Pray for no more vomiting and stooling alot but with C-diff you poop alot...Try explaining that to the doctors that should know this.
Please pray that his C-diff clears in the 10 days of antibiotics.
Pray for his spirit to be lifted.Its sad seeing your baby that loves people have sit in a room and not be able to see his friends.
Pray that for Anthony's sake and ours that he will get to go home soon.
Pray for Lindsay tonight as she is coming up to the hospital to be with Anthony as we are going to meet the adoption team for our 4 year old foster son we are adopting this year.That Anthony will behave and no major hiccups and sleep for both.

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