Friday, April 16, 2010

Anthony is doing ok..We tried giving him formula every hour and he could tolerate it for about 6 hours and then he got real urpy and so we stopped.So yesterday he had some pedialyte and we gave him gut rest last night and so we are doing pedialyte and Formula switching every hour and half and so far he is tolerating it.
His Blood Pressure has been pretty high and he has maxed out on anymore Amlodipine so they started him on clonidine last night.It is making him really sleepy but its helping with his Blood Pressure.
His C-Diff came back positive so we are still in Lock down in our room.I guess if C-Diff gets bad it can shed for quite sometime.
Please pray for his GVHD to settle down.
Pray that his C-Diff will shed quicker than normal so he at least can go on walks with his nurses.
Pray that he will be able to start to handle his feeds.
Pray for his Blood Pressure to stabilize on this new medicines.


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