Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anthony threw up a little last night and this morning so his feeds are down to 30 mls an hour.The doctors took him off his lovenex for a few more days to see if he might be still bleeding from his endoscopy.They also took some X-ray to make sure everything is OK and he didn't get injured during his Endoscopy last Monday
We all went to see him today and he seemed just like our little man..All happy to get a Giant Duck from the Easter Bunny.
Please pray that his throwing up will be stop.
Pray the doctors can figure out what is going on with our son.Sometimes I feel they are just guessing and we want our son to OK so he can come home.
Pray for Patience for John and I as not knowing what is going on is getting frustrating.
Pray Anthony can tolerate his feed at 45 mls soon.
We want to wish you all a Happy Easter with your family.

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