Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today and last night all his PIV's they have put in have blown...So we are going out on a limb tonight and going to try and get his feeds up to 40 Mls an hour...He has been able to the last couple days do 30 mls...SO Please pray that he can handle 40 mls.
Also we got word that Anthony is Gram Positive but the doctors aren't sure it is a true positive because he has no fever or acting sick so they did another culture and if that comes back positive they will try and put another PICC line in him to get the antibiotics in him.

Please pray they can get another PIV in him tonight so we don't have to get a PICC Line.
Pray for the cultures from today to stay negative.
Pray he will be able to handle his feeds at 40 mls tonight.
Please pray for me as I have the nasty spring cold and am not aloud to go up to the hospital and John is having to miss work at least today.
Pray that if he does need a PICC line they will be able to get one in him.

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