Thursday, May 20, 2010

Anthony got through his IVIG yesterday and slept until about 7pm,then it was a very fussy night and the only thing we think it is from is his IVIG.So we are hoping that he doesn't have to have this weekly maybe every other week or longer.
His Platelets dropped from 200,000+ down to 88,000 so we will be getting daily CBC's and he is scheduled for a Bone Marrow Aspiration to see how his Donor marrow is still working and may sure there is nothing that isn't suppose to be there.
We are still trying to get him up on his feeds by mouth so please pray we can keep doing this.
Pray for Peace for our family in the coming days.
Pray for his Platelets to get back up to where they are suppose to be.
We have officially been here longer then transplant with no end in sight as to how long we will be here.

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