Friday, May 28, 2010

John just called and the Xray showed something in his lungs he will have a Non-Sedated CT Scan in the morning..Please pray for Anthony tonight

Anthony has had an eventful 2 days.What should of been just another ordinary MRI and using sedation turned out to be a very scary situation yesterday.When they attempted to take out his breathing tube after the MRI his oxygen dropped and so they had to quickly put it back in.He recovered and woke up fine and stating good on room air until we he fell asleep.So he had to have oxygen when he sleeps.Today when he was taking a nap he de-sated again down to 73-75% oxygen.He recovered fast and so a xray was ordered of his chest to make sure there wasn't any damage to his lungs.We are still awaiting to hear how the X-Ray is.
Please pray for Anthony to be able to sleep on room air soon and pray that whatever is causing this will pass soon.
His MRI showed he has a small brain and has shrunk from Pre-Transplant MRI so the doctors are investigating why this might be.It could be nothing and just needs a few years to recoup from Transplant and all the drugs he is on and was on for Conditioning before his transplant.
Pray that Anthony's agitation will subside and he has gotten better.
Pray that he will start feeling better and very soon.
Pray he starts eating .


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