Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anthony has needed sedation medicine every 2 hours.
The General surgeons came by and said it was too risky of a surgery for Anthony to try and get any of the clots out and put in a Stint.
We are still waiting from the thorasic surgeons to see if they maybe able to help Anthony.
If no one feels that surgery would be safe for Anthony than we need to pray that the TPA will do something and help open up these clots and that the collateral veins will open up soon and release the pressure in his head.
The plan for now is he will stay on the TPA until Monday sometime,then the plan will try and get Anthony on a pain plan that will work for him.He is not a normal kid so this might be quite challenging.
Please pray the TPA Works so Anthony isn't in any pain.
Pray that the collateral veins open up quickly.

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