Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anthony is still on the ventilator and he has needed more oxygen and his levels are in the low 90's so he won't be extubated today.
He is still on the TPA but there be great watching of him keeping sure there isn't any internal bleeding. They are going to talk to Dr. Matthews who is the clot specialist here in the hospital because the TPA could be very dangerous for Anthony if he starts to internal bleeding.
The ultrasound did show some thinning in one of his femoral artery's and the levels are good and showing that something is working but they aren't sure where.
Please pray for Anthony to be able to start breathing on his own and get weaned off his ventilator.
Pray for NO internal bleeding.
Pray for us as we watch our sweet baby just laying there and I we just want to hold him and hear him say DANG IT or ELMO....Right now that would be music to my ears or to have to watch ELMO from morning to night....
Keep fighting baby boy...Your family love you and can't wait to hold you again and play with you..


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