Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anthony is waking up from his deep sleep and is doing better.His level on his new Argatroban is starting to level off.
He is up and wanting to watch elmo.So his dad put him in his wedge.His muscles in his neck and body will take time to get his muscles to strengthen.
We aren't sure when he will be able to get down to the SCCA floor but it is VERY VERY Full so hopefully we will be down there with our friends soon.
Please pray for his motor skills.
Pray for him as they wean him off his pain medicines that he doesn't have alot of withdrawal symptoms.
Pray for his Argatroban to finally be at a safe level for Anthony that it will start working.
Pray that he won't get frustrated and won't try to bang his head.
Thank you for all the prayers for our sweet boy.He is far from getting out of the hospital.Pray these clots will just disappear.

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