Monday, June 14, 2010

Anthony seems to be doing good..He is off his oxygen and his Liver function tests are coming down.So we are suppose to be going back to our home floor sometime today.It will be good to be around our friends on the SCCA floor.We are hoping this happens sometime soon.
Anthony is moving a little more .He will have to regain all his muscle tone again.He is able to get his Binky in his mouth and push the buttons on his play phone.
We have made a record of being in the hospital 3 months now.Wow where has the time gone.
He was put back on Ursidiol to protect his liver from GVHD.
Please pray that his Liver Functions continue to get back to normal
Pray we can get to SCCA today as of last Friday they were pretty full.
Pray for his muscle tones to come back and for his sore throat from the breathing tube.He does still enjoy watching Elmo.
Keep Praying for our sweet boy.

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