Friday, June 11, 2010

Anthony was extubated this morning and seems to be breathing good.He has the cannula's with oxygen but he is doing good.

His Alt are 1040 and Ast's is 750 which is UP from yesterday.The liver ultrasound showed that his liver is enlarged and some slow flowing blood flowing through. The Bone Marrow team doesn't think it is GVHD but no one knows what is going on with Anthony.So they are running some test Hepatitis 6,Mono and some other tests to see if this is a virus.

His Creatinine in his Kidneys are at 1.1 which is very high and if it gets any higher they may have to put him on dialysis to see if this helps his kidneys.

Please pray for his Liver functions to come down or for some answers very soon. Pray for his kidney's and liver to some how start working.

Right now we are very scared and not knowing what is going on with him.Pray for peace for us.


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