Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well we finally got some answers to why Anthony has been so grumpy and then happy..
He has ALOT of clots that were cutting off the circulation to the blood flow to his head and then he would get very agitated.Well last night it got worse and now he is PICU.
They got a breathing tube in him and they did a Cat scan and it was too risky to try and break up some of the clots.So now tomorrow we will start a drug called TPA to try and break up all the clots he has so that the blood flow back to his head.With that said TPA is very very risky but at this point there isn't much more the doctors could do.
TPA continuous drip could cause internal bleeding and it is very life threatening.
To do this he needs some more access so the IR Doctors are going to try and get a double lumen line in him tomorrow sometime.
Please pray that Anthony will start to feel better soon.
Pray for no complications with the TPA drip.
Pray for pain control as the nurses are surprised how much pain medicine they are having to get him sedated and calmed down.
Pray for peace for our family.We know that God can heal our son and right now he is in God's arms.

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