Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Anthony is loving going home and being there and playing with his brothers that the doctors are going to release him on Monday if all goes well.Yes I am nervous and NOT getting excited because I will believe it when we are signing the release from Hospital paperwork....
He is being weaned off his IV dilaudid and will be on oral on Thursday.Please pray that he will be able to tolerate this and won't cause too many withdrawal symptoms.
Pray that after the antibiotic is over that he won't get another line infection.He will be on an antibiotic to try and keep this from happening but not the stronger one he was on before he came here over 4 months ago.
Pray that when he gets frustrated that he won't bang his head and we can figure out a way to help him when he is frustrated and mad.
We are excited to say that Anthony will get to introduce to you all hopefully later this month his NEW official Big Brother Christopher Jordan.This is a amazing and God thing that we get to adopt him and we are excited for Christopher to become an official Son/Brother very soon.

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