Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are going home tomorrow with Anthony!!!
Charlie and I had about a 12 hour flu and are feeling good.
Will you please pray for a couple of our friends from SCCA.
Joel who had his transplant almost 2 years ago is having alot of GVHD issues ,
Louisa had a Bone Marrow aspiration and something showed up that is abnormal so she is having another one next week
Lastly for our sweet Ashley she is fighting so hard and isn't giving up to Leukemia .Will you please pray for her and her family right now?
We have become family with alot of the family's and we see them hurting it hurts and we ask the same questions WHY.
Pray for the transition home..It is going to be alot of work but we will be home and that is all that matters.

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