Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anthony had clinic today and his electrolytes and everything is doing good.
We are watching his stooling as we aren't sure if its from the antibiotic that he is on or if his gut is having some GVHD and flairing.
We are going to once a week clinic and blood draws.Anthony has 2 more days of his antifungal and are waiting to hear what king of antifungal he will go on after this we are hoping that it won't be anything IV so his line can come out.
His last day for the antibiotic is on Thursday.
Please pray for no Blood infections and for this line to be removed soon.
Pray for his stooling that it is just because of the antibiotics.
Pray that Anthony will go to sleep smoothly and the last couple of nights it has been a real struggle and fight..he is tired but just doesn't want his head to hit that pillow and we are 2 tired parents.

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