Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anthony is still fighting...He is just hanging on and I think it is because all these kids know what to do is fight and it is hard to tell them not to fight and now we are telling him it's ok to stop fighting.He looks very peaceful and isn't in any pain.
This is very hard on our family as we sit and wait on him.
Please pray that he will pass.I am trying to update his Caringbridge.org site- Anthonycox1 , As much as possible.
Please pray that he passes quickly and no suffering.
Thank you for praying for our sweet boy the past 2 years.
People have asked what we are needing and truely we are in need of the funeral cost and just expenses as John isn't working now until he is ready for work.
Our Address is 8405 Seward Park Ave South Seattle Wa 98118
God Bless,

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